Temporary Protective Order Lawyers in White Plains New York and Mississauga, Canada

A family law attorney at The Bobb Law Firm PLLC can assist endangered, or threatened individuals through application for a protective order. A temporary protective order is an order issued by certain courts depending upon the state of request, whereby a judge issues an order for the protection of victims of family violence, stalking, human trafficking, and/or sexual assault. Family violence includes an act by a member of a family, or household that is intended to physically harm another family, or household member; a serious threat of physical harm to a family, or household member; and the abuse of a child. A protective order can apply to relatives, former spouses, foster parents and foster children, and anyone else living in a house, even if they are not related. The temporary protective order has a designated amount of days to remain in effect, in accordance with the orders of the court.

Who applies

Individuals can apply for a temporary protective order for themselves and/or their children if the abuser is a family, or household member, like a current, or former spouse, a blood relative, an in-law relative, a person with whom they have a child, a household member, a foster parent, or a foster child. Individuals can also apply for temporary protective orders if the abuser is a person they have dated, or are currently dating, or if the abuser is, or was married to someone they are, or were in a relationship with. Temporary protective orders can also be applied for against someone who is not a family member, but who had sexually assaulted an applicant.

Temporary protective order directives. The Bobb Law Firm PLLC can guide client’s actions regarding the need for a temporary protective order and apprise them of how long the order will last, and what follow up actions may be required for their safety. A temporary protective order can:

  • Direct a party to refrain from committing acts of family violence, or stalking
  • Grant to a spouse possession of the residence, or household of the parties and exclude the other spouse from the residence, or household
  • Require a party to provide suitable alternative housing for a spouse, former spouse, or parent and the parties’ child or children
  • Award temporary custody of minor children and establish temporary visitation rights
  • Order the eviction of a party from the residence, or household and order assistance to the victim in returning to it, or order assistance in retrieving personal property of the victim if the respondent’s eviction has not been ordered
  • Order either party to make payment for the support of minor children as required by law
  • Order either party to make payments for the support of a spouse as required by law
  • Provide for possession of personal property of the parties
  • Order a party to refrain from harassing or interfering with the other
  • Award costs and attorney’s fees to either party

Consult an attorney at The Bobb Law Firm PLLC for advice on the value of a Temporary Protective Order.

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