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A family law attorney plays an important role for individuals contemplating, and working to achieve delicate, sometimes unwelcomed changes in their family’s state of affairs, without causing detrimental instability. The Bobb Law Firm PLLC can offer qualified advice, supported by first-hand knowledge of the state’s or province’s family laws directing divorce, child custody, domestic violence, child support, alimony, joint property distributions and other family law civil and criminal actions. Legal counsel is an objective support system during tenuous interruptions to stable family lives. Divorce has been identified as second in the top ten most stressful life events, often creating a wide array of unbridled emotions and irrational actions by divorcing parties in some cases. The ability of an impartial and reasonable family lawyer to calm fears associated with marital and family upheaval is a fail-safe to accomplish the changes necessary for a fresh start that addresses financial, emotional, and housing concerns for families as they move forward.

Family law attorneys can represent parties in court when there are contested matters involving child custody, child support, property division, alimony, or spousal support, immigration concerns that could separate families, and difficulties involving a state’s or provincial’s criminal department for domestic violence that endangers spouses, and children, or other family members.

  • Child custody addresses the legal rights and responsibilities of parents regarding physical custody, legal custody, time sharing and visitation.
  • Child support matters are determined by the financial ability and responsibility in support of minor children, and are a legal obligation in the form of regular payments made by parents to benefit children. Support is used for basic expenses, necessities, clothing, healthcare, and educational needs.
  • Property division refers to the marital, or community property acquired during the marriage, referred to as assets. States and provinces have formulas for the way these assets are divided, and distribution will occur upon a court’s order.
  • Spousal support may be requested by spouses to divorce actions who need to ask for alimony, the court-ordered payment of money to the person making less money after the dissolution of a marriage. When one party makes more and is considered the primary breadwinner, the other party may seek alimony which will be based on the contrasts between salary and the amount of time couples are married. Spousal support awards vary among the states and provinces, but there is a higher level of inconsistency in awards because many state/provincial statutes to not specifically address award calculations in the language.
  • Domestic violence and issues surrounding dangerous home environments for children will impact custody and state/provincial involvement on criminal action depending on the degree of dangers posed to families.

The Bobb Law Firm PLLC will do its best to assist clients who need guidance and assistance with legal problems related to their family situation. Call the office to schedule a consultation with an experienced family law attorney, who may be able to diffuse volatile situations and alleviate stress for family members undergoing significant changes that may alter the course of their individual lives and that of their children.

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